Dedicated to improving the productivity of Bangladesh Animal Feed sector.

Managing Director's View

Livestock and fisheries production are subject to the risk of disease, accident and death often causing decline in farm production ultimately leading to a threat to the country’s food security system. Veterinary industry involves a huge potential for Agri-sector to grow more by supplying animal health care products to the farmers of Bangladesh.

In our country, the industry generally combines with various animals like chicken, ducks, cattle, buffalo, goat and sheep and others. Livestock constitutes an integral part of the net economy of our country and it has the direct economic contribution on the total part of the GDP. The contribution of this industry to GDP around 2.57% in FY 2019-20. 

Our purpose is to provide world’s best quality medicinal products and also to help in providing modern technical support to poultry and dairy farms to ensure quality animal protein. We are also concerned for the upgradation of economy of our famers as we are extending a big hand to them with quality medicinal products as well as technical support.

In our country we are not fully dependent on our own production and distribution. Domestic supply contributes only 25% of the total domestic demand. Especially the items are meat, egg, milk, fish and other protein and nutrition items. Medicines including biological, non-biologicals, nutritional and non-nutritional feed additives segment have also a remarkable contribution for the development and growth of the industry.

In view of this reality, contributing to the farmers success and also in country’s economic growth, we are expected to be flourishing as a pivotal force to defend country’s food domain.