Dedicated to improving the productivity of Bangladesh Animal Feed sector.

Know Arham Agrovet

Arham Agrovet Limited is specialized in importing & marketing premium quality of Poultry, Cattle & Aqua Healthcare Products & Veterinary Medicine for optimum health, growth & productivity of livestock and fisheries. Arham Agrovet Limited is a guaranteed for the quality and result oriented agrovet products.

Arham Agrovet had its inception in the early twenty-first century under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Nazrul Islam, a man with a vision, ambition, business acumen and more than two decades of experience in the field of Aqua and Poultry and cattle industry. In addition, his duties as Managing Director of Arham Agrovet, he plays an instrumental role in developing & researching the livestock and fisheries raw materials & veterinary products and is also responsible for establishing a nationwide distribution and sales network for the industry. Arham Agrovet has gained an image and goodwill for the quality products it deals in.